The variety of olive oil produced is Koroneiki.

  • The quality of ELAIOPHYSIS olive oil is checked through the following measurements:
  • Acidity, state of oxidation (measurement of peroxides, photometric monitoring Κ232, Κ270, δΚ)
  • Organoleptic evaluation (sensory – taste and aroma) conducted by a distinguished and recognised panel of testers
  • Total phenols, α-Tocopherol (vitamin E), 1.2diglycerides and pyropheophytin.
  • The authenticity of ELAIOPHYSIS is certified through the following tests:
  • fatty acid content and DECN 42
  • sterol and erythrodiol – uvaol concentrations
  • wax and ethyl esters concentrations
  • 3,5-Stigmastadienes
  • Food safety of ELAIOPHYSIS olive oil is monitored through the following tests:
  • Test for residual pesticides
  • Test for residual plasticizers
  • Test for residual heavy metals
  • Test for residual polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)