ELAIOPHYSIS is an extra virgin olive oil tried and tested for its quality for over half a century, both through our family’s long dedication to the cultivation and care of the olive trees and for its authenticity, unrivalled taste and special aroma.

The harvesting of the olives takes place at the optimal time of maturation of the fruit. There follows a series of procedures, carried out in an exemplary and thorough manner in order to ensure the production of the finest quality olive oil. Harvesting is by beating the tree and branches, ensuring that the olives are not left on the ground for any length of time, a serious factor causing oxidation of the fruit and damaging the quality of the olive oil. The olives are thus shaken from the trees and collected immediately.

The next stage is the swift transfer of the olives to the oil mill as soon as they have been harvested and their immediate processing by cold press to extract the oil. Consequently, we avoid any of the degrading effects to the final composition of the oil brought about by oxidation factors and other hydrolytic reactions. The result is that ELAIOPHYSIS olive oil is low in acidity without any organoleptic defects and with a rich and fresh taste.