ELAIOPHYSIS olive oil comes from the region of the ancient kingdom of Nestor in the southern Peloponnese.

The area lies close to the sea and boasts extensive olive groves and vineyards.

The variety produced is called Koroneiki and it is a high quality extra virgin olive oil. It is rich in chlorophyll and unsaturated fatty acids with a low acidity of <0.5 due to its exemplary cultivation and cold pressed method of extraction. These factors, relating directly to the ability to transfer the olives directly from point of harvest to the cold press plant and thence to storage and packaging under strict technical and quality specifications, render ELAIOPHYSIS olive oil a product of unrivalled quality, high in nutritional value and flavour.


The mechanical processing uses modern technology



The exemplary cultivation, the oil extraction by mechanical cold-press method, the immediate transport of olives from the point of harvest to the mill, and the excellent conditions in the storage and packaging facilities contribute to maintaining all the above quality characteristics.